Drama Breaking Borders

The growing internationalization of Nordic Films and TV series

Meet Denmark’s minister of culture Bertel Haarder, director Per Fly (The Bench, The Inheritance, Monica Z, as well as DR’s new gamble, “Follow the Money”), Nordisk Film by Lone Korslund, the creators of Maipo (behind the Norwegian great project about Sonja Henie), the editor of the Norwegian film magazine RUSHPRINT Kjetil Lismoen, drama coach Ivar Køhn (NRK), DR Drama’s Karoline Leth (producer “The Legacy”), film consultants from the Nordic Filminstitutes, Zentropa’s CEO Peter Aalbæk Jensen, CEO of Nordisk Film & TV Fond Petri Kemppinen, the Finnish director Dome Karukoski, film director Janus Metz, film researcher Kim Toft Hansen and many others!

TEMA is the growing internationalization of Nordic Films and TV series. Currently, there is a noticeably large interest in the Nordic production of film and TV, in and outside of Scandinavia. The Film Industry in Scandinavia is riding the peak of a “Scandinavian Trend”, a huge demand, from outside of Scandinavia, for productions, directors, screenwriters, and actors. This influences nearly every international project, for example, with finance and co-production partners, circulation, distribution, and sales of the stories content and themes. While this is both flattering and appealing, questions arise. Do we have control over this trend? Do we have an overview over the future of this trend? Can we manage to preserve our uniqueness in the global market? Finally, is this uniqueness an advantage or an obstacle?

With support from Nordisk Film & TV Fond, Nordisk Kulturfond, Det danske filminstitut and Norsk Filminstitutt, Fondet for Dansk-Norsk Samarbejde arranges a seminar with the five sub-themes:

THE FILM AND THE WORLD. In the last few years, Scandinavian TV has attained unprecedented international success. Feature Films have simultaneously excelled at every film-festival and won prizes in nearly every category. Some believe this is a fluke. Others see an indication of increasing quality. Still others point out, that Tv-media has dramatically changed, so that Tv-channels and streaming services are today compelled to wager unorthodoxly. However, the fact is, series like Forbrydelsen (DK), Millenium (SE) and Lilyhammer (NO) have been devoured by an international public. What are the facts? Where are potential areas of opportunity? How does the future look? Participate in the discussion between representatives from analysis experts, the industry, and TV Channels.

CULTURAL EXPORT. How do we export our culture – while simultaneously retaining our uniqueness? Discussions, including manufacturers from all over Scandinavia, are under the spotlight, with updates and anecdotes.

CONSUMER BEHAVIOR. How do we watch film today? How do we steer development, and how do we adjust film production to our viewers? Participate in discussions with both experts and TV Stations involved in this theme.

YOUNG VOICES. Five young Scandinavian Talents, from each his own country, present their views on, which direction Scandinavian Film & TV should take.

THE “PARTICULARLY SCANDINAVIAN” QUALITY of Scandinavian Film & TV productions. Gender and language! Can one speak of a particular method of approaching gender questions in Scandinavian Film Productions? Which family structure and gender specific examples and roll-models are found in Scandinavian Drama, on TV and in Film? Is there a clear difference between drama narratives, which are defined and detected via gender? Is there a fair distribution between the genders, when we discuss “A-functions” in a production? Which actions are necessary, in order to promote development, where talent and gender do not shadow each other?

PRODUCER: Per Nielsen, Filmfærgen   

Thursday 22. October Schæffergården

11:00 – 12:00

Arrival and registration

12:00 – 13:30

Lunch at Restaurant Wohlert by Schæffergården

13:30 – 13:35

Welcoming to Drama Breaking Borders


Erik Skyum-Nielsen, Fondet for dansk-norsk samarbejde

13:35 – 13:55



Danish Minister of Culture, Bertel Haarder

13:55 – 14:00

Intro to the seminar and the program of the day


Moderator Per Nielsen

14:00 – 14:35

Nordic Noir! – A Nordic global brand?


Media researcher Kim Toft Hansen, Aalborg University

14:35 – 15:05

Creative Alliance tells about the idea behind, the development and the process for the project “Backstabbing for beginners”


Film director Per Fly and producer Malene Blenkov

of Creative Alliance

15:05 – 15:25

Coffee break, cake and delights

15:25 – 16:25

The Nordic TV-stations' international strategies


NRK, Ivar Køhn

DR, Karoline Leth

16:25 – 16:50

Brief intermission, nice, cold beer and water served with a snack

16:50 – 17:40

Nordic TV-fiction and the foreign TV-galaxy
What is happening on the international TV-series market right now? How does Scandinavian fiction’s chances look in the future? Which upcoming strategic thoughts are in motion for the traditional broadcaster, Netflix, Amazon, Hulu, Facebook, and YouTube, and all the others – and is that a good or a bad thing? Get a quick overview…


Film producer, Keld Reinicke

17:40 – 18:00

Summary of the first day of the seminar


Producer Finn Gjerdrum from Paradox and Moderator Per Nielsen

18:00 – 19:00

Intermission, the bar is open

19:00 –

Banquet at Restaurant Wohlert 

Friday 23. October Schæffergården

07:00 – 09:00

Breakfast at Restaurant Wohlert for the ones who stayed the night

09:00 – 09:05

Intro to the program of the day


Moderator Per Nielsen

09:05 – 09:55

How is work being done towards an international strategy concerning feature films?


Petri Kemppinen, Nordisk Film & Tv Fond

Christian Juhl Lemche, Dansk filminstitut

Thomas Gammeltoft, Copenhagen Film Fund


Editor at Rushprint, Kjetil Lismoen moderates this item on the agenda

09:55 – 10:55

Is it possible to conquer the world? Specific cases!

09:55 – 10:25

Case 1: "Danish Girl"


Thomas Gammeltoft, CEO of Copenhagen Film Fund

10:25 – 10:55

Case 2: Tom of Finland


Film director, Dome Karukoski

10:55 – 12:00

Experienced Vikings share their secrets behind success and flaws!


Film producer of Zentropa, Peter Aalbæk Jensen

Film director, Friðrik Þór Friðriksson

CEO of Maipo Film, Synnøve Hørsdal


Editor at Rushprint, Kjetil Lismoen moderates this item on the agenda

12:00 – 13:00

Lunch at Restaurant Wohlert

13:00 – 14:30

What view on gender are we exposing in the movies and tv series we sell outside the Nordic countries? Are there too many women?

Debate with Nordic players!


Jannicke Systad Jacobsen, Film director

Rikke Ennis, Trustnordisk

Synnøve Hørsdal, CEO Maipo Film

Gila Bergquist Ulfung, CEO/Producer Breidablick Film

Petri Kemppinen, CEO of Nordisk Film & Tv fond


Discussion is managed by film writer Marit Kapla

14:30 – 15:00

Coffee break, cake and treats

15:00 – 15:25

Talents escaping the Nordic countries!

Should we worry about the Nordic countries’ ability, opportunities and ambition to keep the talents at home?


Producer Lone Korslund, Nordisk Film

15:25 – 16:10

Young Voices

Five young Nordic talents from each of their own countries present their views on which direction film/TV will/should go.


Scenographer Tinna Ottesen, Iceland

Senior Executive Film Väst Yaba Holst, Sweden

Film director Janus Metz, Denmark

Film director Dome Karukoski, Finland

Film director and screenwriter Jannicke Systad, Norway

16:10 – 16:30

Recap of the film seminar


Moderator Per Nielsen


  • Erik Skyum-Nielsen (DK)

    Lektor ved Københavns Universitet og styremedlem i Fondet for dansk-norsk samarbejde
  • Bertel Haarder (DK)

    Danmarks kulturminister
  • Per Nielsen (DK)

    Producent og moderator

    Per Nielsen er producer, komponist, journalist, script-editor og dramatiker. Filmfærgen.dk

  • Kim Toft Hansen (DK)


    Kim Toft Hansen er medieforsker ved Aalborg Universitet, hvor han gennem de seneste år har arbejdet med film, tv og litteratur. Han har især arbejdet med den nordiske krimitradition i litteratur, på film og på tv. Han deltager for tiden i forskningsprojektet What Makes Danish TV Drama Series Travel? (2014-18). Han arbejder i den forbindelse på udgivelser om tv-serien 1864, lokal/transnational/global tv-dramaproduktion samt en bog om locations i Nordic noir. 

  • Ivar Køhn (NO)


    Redaksjonssjef for Drama i NR fra 2013. Tidligere avdelingsdirektør for utvikling og produksjon ved Norsk Filminstitutt. Køhn startet sin karriere i NRK Drama i 1987, og har også jobbet for SVT Drama.Han har selv skrevet og utviklet dramaserier, og har vært involvert i nær sagt alle sider av utvikling og produksjon av drama.

  • Karoline Leth (DK)


    Karoline Leth er filmproducer og datter af filminstruktør Jørgen Leth og har bl.a. været producer, lærer og koordinator på Den Danske Filmskole; CEO og producer på Zentropa Real – Zentropas dokumentariske division; Direktør og producer på SF Film Production. Fra 2013 virker Leth som producent ved DR Fiktion. Lige som sin far har hun en stor spændvidde i det, hun beskæftiger sig med.  Fra de smalle kort- og dokumentarfilm til de brede spillefilm og tv-drama-serier. Leth har bl.a. produceret ’The DeVilles’ instrueret af Nicole N. Horanyi; ’Defamation’ instrueret af den prisbelønnede israelske Yoav Shamir; dramaserie for TV2 skabt af Christian Torpe ’Rita sæson 1 & 2’; producent på ’Arvingerne 1, 2 & 3’ skabt af Maya Ilsøe. Leth er bl.a. executive producer på  ’Teddy Bear’ instrueret af Mads Matthiesen og ’Marie Krøyer’ instrueret af Bille August.        

  • Keld Reinicke (DK)


    Har medvirket til opstarten af DR2, TV ZULU, TV2 Charlie og siddet adskillige år i chefstolen for det samlede indhold til TV 2’s hovedkanal.Reinicke arbejder idag med strategisk udvikling inden for digitalt indhold, med flere af de største danske og Skandinaviske medievirksomheder. Derudover producerer og udvikler han traditionelle tv-koncepter, som udviklingschef for et mindre, kreativt selskab der bl.a. står bag TV2s “Natholdet”, et af de danske tv-programmer som er længst med integrationen mellem tv og de nye medier i Danmark.Underviser på Den Danske Filmskole, primært i Amerikanske tv serier og den nye guld-alder, som amerikansk tv befinder sig i.

  • Per Fly (DK)


    Film director. He was admitted to The National Film School of Denmark in 1989. He graduated in 1993. His feature film debut was in 2000 with the movie Bænken (The Bench).This film started the Denmark trilogy, which portrayed situations and characters from the lower, upper and middle classes in Denmark, in that order. The stop-motion animation film Prop og Berta ( 2001) followed Bænken, but was not part of the trilogy. The trilogy continued with Arven (The Inheritance, 2003) depicting the upper class, and the middle class in Drabet (Manslaughter, 2005). In 2007 he shot a series entitled Forestillinger, broadcast on Danish television Danmarks Radio. It pivots on the same period of time from the perspective of six different people, whose life situations overlap and intertwine.With the exception of Prop og Berta, the nature of Per Fly's filmography is centered around the lives of ordinary people, being mainly (social) realistic in nature. They explore the conditions under which the characters are living, and try to validate or explain the choices they make through a detailed psychological and social depiction of the characters involved. Per Fly has written manuscripts for the three movies of the Denmark trilogy.

  • Malene Blenkov (DK)


    Malene Blenkov is a screenwriter, film and television producer.Creative Alliance.

  • Dome Karukoski (FI)


    Thomas "Dome" Karukoski is a Finland-Swedish film director. He is considered to be one of the most successful Finnish film directors with over 30 festival awards and having directed five feature films.His debut feature Beauty and the Bastard (Tyttö sinä olet tähti) showed at the Berlin International Film Festival and Tribeca Film Festival in 2006. The film, which stars Pamela Tola, concerns young people in Finland who are caught between conventional careers and more alternative forms of living.His second feature film The Home of Dark Butterflies (Tummien perhosten koti) premiered in Finland January 2008. It's a drama about Juhani, a 13-year-old castaway sent to a home for boys on an island. The Home of Dark Butterflies was nominated in ten categories for the Finnish National Film Awards, and this time Karukoski won the prize for the Best Director. Karukoski's third feature film Forbidden Fruit (Kielletty hedelmä) premiered in February 2009. Forbidden Fruit is a coming of age story about two girls who are a part of a religious sect called the Conservative Laestadianism. Forbidden Fruit raised a wide discussion of the rights of women in the sect. The film had its world premiere in the Competition of the Gothenburg Film Festival. After that the film was shown in other prestigious film festivals, such as Karlovy Vary International Film Festival and Shanghai International Film Festival winning numerous festival awards. Forbidden Fruit received theatrical distribution in France and Poland.Karukoski's fourth film was Lapland Odyssey. It's a comedy about three unemployed men setting out to find a digital TV terminal in Lapland. The road trip comedy premiered at the Toronto International Film Festival and became the number one box-office film of the year 2010. His fifth film is Heart of a Lion (Leijonasydän) where a neo-Nazi leader played by Peter Franzén falls in love with a woman who has a black son. The film had its world premiere at the Toronto International Film Festival in 2013. Heart of a Lion premiered in Finland October 18 and was an instant success at the box office.Karukoski was again nominated for Best Director in the Finnish Film Awards. With this nomination he became the first Finnish film director ever to be nominated for all of his first five feature films.

  • Petri Kemppinen (FI)

    Direktør Nordisk film & Tv fond

    Chief Executive Officer at Nordisk Film & TV Fond from 2013. Former  Head of Production at the Finnish Film Foundation. He previously served  as VP of Nordisk Film & TV Fond from 2008 to 2010 and substitute board member from 2011 to 2013. Kemppinen has 18 year experience in film and television.

  • Peter Aalbæk Jensen (DK)


    Is a Danish film producer who in 1992 with director Lars von Trier founded the Danish film company Zentropa and later its huge studio complex Filmbyen.  Peter Aalbæk Jensen has executive produced over 70 theatrical feature films and many television productions, has founded a long list of subsidiary companies and is widely regarded as the most important Danish film producer since the 1990s.

  • Friðrik Þór Friðriksson (IS)


    Started his film making career with experimental films and documentaries in the early 1980s. He founded The Icelandic Film Corporation in 1990, it has since become Iceland's most important film production company. The company produces his films and works with other Icelandic directors as well as producers. His international reputation led the company to build a network of internationally well-established co-production partner companies, including Lars von Trier's Zentropa and most recently, Francis Ford Coppola's American Zoetrope. His second feature Children of Nature (1991) was nominated for an Oscar as Best Foreign Language Film and it took the Grand Prize at the 4th Yubari International Fantastic Film Festival in February 1993. 

    He grew up in Iceland in the sixties and so was largely influenced by American films. Despite that it was exposure to the work of Akira Kurosawa, John Ford and Nicholas Ray which proved crucial in his decision to become a filmmaker. He has worked with two of Iceland's most acclaimed novelists and script-writers. His work with Einar Már Guðmundsson includes Children Of Nature, Angels of the Universe, and Moviedays. His work with Einar Kárason includes White Whales, Devils Island, and Falcons Friðrik Þór Friðriksson is noted for the strong visual style of his films including stunning images. These films are both deeply personal and strongly rooted in the culture of Iceland, often depict characters at the crossroads of tradition and modernity. They are said to combine a wry sense of humour with a genuine solidarity with the characters.

  • Synnøve Hørsdal (NO)

    Administrerende direktør Maipo Film

    Synnøve is the Managing Director, producer and partner in Maipo AS,
    and has been with the company since its birth in 2000.

    She is educated in film production in England, where she produced several short films and documentaries before returning to Norway in 1996.

    Since then, she has worked both as a production manager and line-producer on a number of Norwegian feature films (e.g Elling and
    Cool and crazy), before she started up as a producer in Maipo.

  • Kjetil Lismoen (NO)

    Redaktør Rushprint

    Redaktør for film- og tv-bladet Rushprint, skribent og filmkritiker, Kjent for sine kommentarer og filmanmeldelser i Aftenposten. Lismoen var med på å starte opp filmarrangementet Blått lerret, der han i flere år var programleder. Han har også vært fast programleder for Filmsamtalen, et filmarrangement med fordypende samtaler om film på Filmens hus i Oslo. Han er også aktiv som foredragsholder og moderator

  • Marit Kapla (SE)


    Journalisthögskolan vid Stockholms Universitet 1989-1992, därefter verksam som journalist inom nöje och kultur, bland annat för Sveriges Televisions klassiska filmprogram Filmkrönikan. Konstnärlig ledare för Göteborg Film Festival 2007-2014 där hon startade talangutvecklingsprojektet Nordic Film Lab samt den digitala filmtjänsten Draken Film.

  • Lone Korslund (DK)

    Producer, Nordisk Film

    Nordisk Film’s Head of Nordic Co-productions and Acquisitions who has taken an active role in building ‘Nordic Blockbusters’ over the last five years. Head of Programming Copenhagen International Filmfestival 2003 – 2004. Manager Sandrew Metronome Cinema (Dagmar Teatret, Scala Biograferne, Kinopalæet) 1984 – 2003. Copenhagen International Film Festival 1993 – 1994. 

  • Janus Metz (DK)


    Janus Metz Pedersen er en prisvindende filminstruktør. Han er uddannet Cand. comm. på Roskilde Universitetscenter med Internationale Studier som sidefag. Janus har netop instrueret et afsnit af True Detective.

  • Thomas Gammeltoft (DK)

    Direktør Copenhagen Film Fund

    CEO of the Copenhagen Film Fund from 2013, former creative director at Eyeworks Fine and Mellow. Gammeltoft has a longstanding career as producer of feature films such as Shake it All About, Stealing Rembrandt and TV series including Album and Lulu & Leon. His long term collaboration with Henrik Ruben Genz has brought to the screens the award-winning film Terribly Happy (2008 Karlovy Vary Crystal Globe winner), Excuse Me (2012), and now the pair are working in London on the English language film Good People starring James Franco, Kate Hudson and Omar Sy. 

  • Jannicke Systad Jacobsen (NO)

    Filminstruktør og manuskriptforfatter

    Jannicke har arbeidet som instruktør og manusforfatter innenfor kortfilm, dokumentarfilm og spillefilm i snart 16 år. Hun har laget flere prisbelønte filmer blant annet Klovnebarna (2005) og Sandmann – Historien om en sosialistisk supermann (2005). Hennes første spillefilm, Få meg på, for faen (2011), hadde verdenspremiere på Tribeca Film Festival hvor den ble tildelt pris for beste manus. Filmen ble nominert til seks Amandaer og vant for «Beste norske kinofilm» og ”Beste foto”. Den ble solgt til kinodistribusjon i en lang rekke land. Utdannet ved FAMU – den nasjonale filmskolen i Tsjekkia og London International Film School. Filmkonsulent ved Midtnorsk Filmsenter.


  • Christian Juhl Lemche (DK)

    Festival Manager Dansk film institut
  • Rikke Ennis (DK)

    Direktør Trustnordisk
  • Tinna Ottesen (IS)

    Scenographer and production designer

    Tinna Ottesen er uddannet Production designer fra Danmarks Designskole & Den Danske Filmskole, og har arbejdet med dokumentarfilm, fiktionfilm, TV serier, teater & visual-installations, i roller som production designer, scenograf og kunstner. Tinna har ogsa været artistic director for Skjaldborg, den Islandske dokumentar film fest.

    Lige nu er hun indskrevet i et Post-Masters Program i advanced Scenografi i A.Pass, Brussels.

  • Finn Gjerdrum (NO)

    Producer Paradox
  • Yaba Holst (SE)

    Senior Executive Film Väst
  • Gila Bergquist Ulfung (SE)

    CEO/Producer Breidablick Film


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